Rechargeable LED Solar Outdoor Light


Rechargeable LED Solar Outdoor Light


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Rechargeable LED Solar Outdoor Light

Are you tired of outdoor activities being cut short due to insufficient lighting? Perhaps you’re a contractor needing a reliable light source for construction projects, or you’ve experienced power outages leaving you in the dark?




The Rechargeable Solar Flood Light changes everything. It’s an outdoor portable LED reflector spotlight and floodlight, ideal for all outdoor lighting needs. The light is powered by polycrystalline silicon solar panels with a high photochemical conversion rate, ensuring reliable power either through a charger or solar energy. This light provides three lighting modes, allowing you to switch between two colors 3000k/7500k (warm white/cool white), and even use an SOS red flashing alert for emergencies.

The power display also allows you to monitor the lamp’s power in real-time, making sure you can charge it in time and prolong its service life.

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Waterproof: Perfect for use on rainy days thanks to its deep life waterproof and weatherproof features.

Long Working Time: Offers up to 10 hours at maximum brightness and about 60 hours at minimum brightness.


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Magnetic Attraction: Comes with double magnets for easy attachment to metal surfaces.

Hangable Design: Equipped with a non-slip hook, it can be hung anywhere.


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Power Display: Keeps you informed with a current power indicator design.

Dual Function: Doubles as a power bank to charge your phone or other devices.


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Outdoor Companion: Ideal for camping, fishing, hunting, and travel. Doubles as a tent light.

Portable and Long-lasting: This high-end product guarantees long battery life and emergency charging.


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Material: ABS plastic.
Wattage: 500w 360led 170*150mm
200w 140led 140*140mm
100w 60led 110*110mm
Battery: Built-in battery


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1 x Solar Outdoor Light


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Rechargeable LED Solar Outdoor Light

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