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Pro Vlogging Studio Kit


Pro Vlogging Studio Kit


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Pro Vlogging Studio KitEvery vlogger, beginner or not, needs a reliable vlogging kit to make high-quality videos, or else what’s the point?!


Pro Vlogging Studio Kit


The Pro Vlogging Studio Kit takes no space in your house or office or wherever you like to record or photograph is easy to carry outdoors, and offers better lighting and sound thanks to its universal microphone that you can use on any smartphone or camera!

Order your kit, be the vlogger you’ve always wanted to be!

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Works as a tripod, phone holder, selfie remote control, microphone, video light.

Flexible tripod that has a variety of scenarios and applications for live streaming indoors and outdoors.


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Suitable for smartphones, digital SLR cameras, mirrorless, camcorders, and voice recorders.

49 ultra-bright LEDs that can be used as a tripod that enhances your video quality!


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Easy to mount using a smart phone adapter with built-in boots that can also mount a light or microphone.

Easy to adjust to suit your shooting angles; low, medium, and high.

Takes no space and is easy to carry and store.


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Specifications  :

Dual-use mode: laptop/desk

Remote control distance: 30ft

Tripod: mini tripod, flexible tripod

Screw Interface: 1/4 Inch

Phone Width: 2.12-3.74 inch


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Package list  :

1*Pro Vlogging Studio Kit

1* phone holder

1*selfie remote control


1 *video light


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Pro Vlogging Studio Kit

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