Pro Kitchen Knife Sharpener


Pro Kitchen Knife Sharpener


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If chopping vegetables takes longer than cooking them then you should do something about your kitchen knives! Plus, using a dull knife is super dangerous!




The Pro Kitchen Knife Sharpener sharpens all household knives in just 5 seconds thanks to its professional tungsten steel build & easy-to-use design. Just place the knife vertically on the sharpener, pull 3 to 5 times according to the mark, and you’re done!


Leave no blunt knife in your kitchen, order yours now!

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✓  Durable & wear-resistant steel blades with more than 90% tungsten to sharpen the knives while protecting the blade from damage.

✓  Easy to use flip button design and a mark; place the sharpener on a flat surface and press the snap button down.


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✓  Hands-Free and you can sharpen your knife with one hand!

✓  4mm thickened pad with about 20kg of suction to withstand a maximum pulling force of 20 kg.

✓  Suitable for fruit knife, kitchen knife, Sushi knife (not applicable for serrated knife, ceramic knife, scissors).


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✓  Specifications :

Material Slot: Tungsten Steel

Body Material: BPA free ABS Plastic

Suction Pad Material: Rubber

Weight: 53g

Dimension: 61*65mm


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✓ Package list :

1* Kitchen Knife Sharpener


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Pro Kitchen Knife Sharpener

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