Portable Gas Leak Detector


Portable Gas Leak Detector


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Portable Gas Leak Detector


You’re at home, and you smell too much gas or can’t even smell it due to loss of smell. What do you do?




This Portable gas leak detector is a must-have for every home. It’s small, easy-to-use and will quickly alert you to the presence of any combustible gas in your environment, so you can take action fast. Order yours, detect gas wherever you go!


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✓ Get alerted quickly to the presence of gas leaks in your environment.

✓ Small and easy-to-use, so you can take it with you wherever you go.

✓ Detects combustible gases to stay safe: propylene, butane, methane, acetylene, propane, ethylene, etc.


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Size: 180×31×32(mm)

Weight: 0.08 (kg)

AAA battery (not included)

Specifications: HT61 combustible gas detector


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✓ Package List:

1 x gas leak detector


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Portable Gas Leak Detector

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