Multifunctional Radio Projection Clock


Multifunctional Radio Projection Clock


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Multifunctional Radio Projection Clock

An alarm so robust you won’t hear the voice telling you to go back to sleep.



If you can’t afford to hire a Jazz band to wake you up every morning, you might want to use the heavy sleeper’s Multifunctional Radio Projection Clock; its loud, persistent “didi didi” and large, bright projection on the wall will even motivate you to make your bed right after getting up!




Plus, it’s waterproof, can be a charger, a thermometer, even a mirror, etc! 

You like it? You want it? Get it!



Large numbers and high-quality projection

Unlike your phone or a traditional clock, this radio clock displays large numbers so you don’t have to squint or hurt your eyes in the dark. 

Bonus: It supports the snooze option (from 5 to 60 minutes)! The volume is adjustable from 0 to 15 levels & the alarm supports 12H/24H modes.





Phone charging and reliable thermometer

Want more? It can charge your iPhones, Android smartphones, and tablets so you can keep them next to you overnight. Just plug them into the back of the alarm.

Also, it does automatic research, lock, and storage, and displays real-time, humidity & temperature.

Bonus: The 3-level projection brightness can rotate the projection 180°.




Mirror, Mirror on the clock!

You can either proudly or shamefully look into the clock mirror… it depends on how many times you hit snooze.






Display Type: LED

Special functions: decoration, thermometer, mirror, alarm, lighting, 24-hour indication, humidity measurement

Waterproof: Yes

Movement type: electronic

Shell material: ABS





1 x Radio Projection Alarm Clock


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Multifunctional Radio Projection Clock

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