Multifunctional Pro Glass Cutter Pen


Multifunctional Pro Glass Cutter Pen


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Multifunctional Pro Glass Cutter Pen

Looking for a tool that lets you engrave and personalize your favorite items, as well as cut glass surfaces effortlessly? Introducing our all-in-one Glass Cutter Pen – perfect for transforming ordinary items into one-of-a-kind masterpieces and making precise cuts on glass surfaces!


Multifunctional Pro Glass Cutter Pen


This pen works like a charm, allowing you to make precise engravings on various surfaces, including glass, metal, ceramic, and wood. The secret lies in its hard alloy nib, which is not only lightweight but also crafted from durable tungsten steel. With its sharp tip, you’ll be able to form accurate lines and characters.

Get Yours Now and start engraving like a pro.wo

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✓  Multipurpose: Engrave your ID items, glass, metal, ceramic, and wood with a convenient, lightweight hard alloy nib.

✓  Built to last: Crafted from tungsten steel, our scriber is more durable and made to withstand your creative projects.


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✓  Precision on point: Create letters and engraving lines with ease, thanks to the hard and sharp tungsten steel tip that works on almost any metal.

Steady as you go: Non-slip grip design ensures strong stability, preventing oxidation, and offering flexibility without breaking.

Safety first: The pen tip protection design keeps you safe from accidental damage and puncture while you work.


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Material: hard tungsten steel

Full length: 145mm

Color: gold + silver

Hardness: 50HRC


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1 x Glass Cutter Pen


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Multifunctional Pro Glass Cutter Pen


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