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Motorcycle Handle Grip Lock


Motorcycle Handle Grip Lock


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Motorcycle Handle Grip Lock

Let’s picture this: You drive your motorcycle to the grocery store and park it near the entrance. As you’re shopping for some potatoes, you hear the sound of a motorcycle engine starting. Yup, that’s your motorcycle being stolen!


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Investing in the Motorcycle Handle Grip Lock is the smarter way to protect your motorcycle from theft, enjoy your outings or run errands freely & without worry. All you have to do is lock the front brake lever to the handlebar and you’re set!


Protect your motorcycle & worry less with The Motorcycle Handle Grip Lock!

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✓  Top-quality & brand new aluminum CNC to last a long time.

✓  Strong & durable; designed to have a firm grip on the handle & make thieves have second thoughts!

✓  Easy to install on the handlebar & lock with keys for parking.


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✓  Stylish & clear red, blue, gold & green color that will make any motorcycle look better (too bad for thieves, they can’t get a hold of it!).

✓  Suitable for most motorcycles; TVS, dirt bikes, pit bikes, etc.

✓  Great gift for a friend or relative who lost a motorcycle before and now got a new one!


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✓  Specifications :

Material: aluminum t6061 CNC

Color: green, black, red, blue, gold

Item height: 2.1cm

Item Length:




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Motorcycle Handle Grip Lock

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