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Mite Remover Vacuum


Mite Remover Vacuum


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Mite Remover VacuumDo you ever feel like something is creeping on you when you are sleeping? Well, there is a 99% chance that is bed mites! But don’t worry, you can easily get rid of bed mites with this Mite Remover Vacuum!


Mite Remover Vacuum


Easy to use and Cleans your bed thoroughly to be able to sleep with no worries!

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Large-Area strong double-beating- Arouses deeps worms and bacteria to instantly destroy mites grip and make everything jump out of the surface.

Surging Suction- Instantly absorb and collect mites into the dust collection box.


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Ultraviolet Silver Ion Sterilization- Add silver antibacterial ingredients to the product, plus ultraviolet sterilization, double protection to achieve effective sterilization, anti-mite effect!

Long Life up to an hour- Free from shackles of wires.


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20kpa Strengthen Suction- Widen the suction port, the imported movement is a strong and high speed, driving strong suction to remove deep mites.

Strong Pat Mites- 12W high-frequency vibration quickly stripping dust mites, leaving nowhere for mites to escape


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Specifications: :

Color: White, Green
Body size: 200X120X110mm

Rated Power: 300W
Type: With wire&Wireless


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Package List: :

1*Mite Remover Vacuum


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Mite Remover Vacuum

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