Magnetic LED Desk Lamp


Magnetic LED Desk Lamp


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Magnetic LED Desk Lamp


It can be tough to find the right type of light to help you focus when you’re working, especially when you have to stay up late – dim lights can suck the light out of your eyes!



The Magnetic LED Desk Lamp is the solution for anyone who wants bright yet relaxing light. The lamp sticks to your shelves, cabins, or wall; it’s USB-powered, adjustable (high, medium, low brightness), and has a battery life that lasts up to 24 hours.


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Order your new work & study companion!

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Stepless dimming with two magnetic bases, helping you read, work, or binge-watch comfortably anywhere.

Blue light protection: it filters short-wavelength blue light from your screen to protect your eyes.


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It’s a USB-rechargeable lamp that is powered by adapters, computers, powerbank.

A multifunctional lamp that you can use as a night light, flashlight, or outdoor emergency light.


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Simple & straightforward adjustment: The lamp memorizes your preferred light option and automatically uses it once switched on.

Long battery life that lasts depending on brightness: low brightness 24 hrs, medium brightness 8 hours, high brightness 4 hours.


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Material: PVC/Plastic

Light source: LED bulbs

Voltage: 5V


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Package List:

1* Magnetic LED Desk Lamp with 2 bases


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Magnetic LED Desk Lamp


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