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Magnetic Charging Cable


Magnetic Charging Cable


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Magnetic Charging CableScared of charging your phone overnight? Using a normal cable (or worse, frayed) to charge your phone at night can be very dangerous as your phone might overheat and start a fire.


Magnetic Charging Cable


So, you’re left with one option: Getting The Magnetic Charging Cable. Not only is this automatic absorption and rotating cable durable but it’s also safe to charge in your car or leave charging overnight, so you won’t have to worry about setting your house on fire!

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✓  Built-in Strong & durable rubidium magnet that will save you the stress of purchasing cables regularly

✓  Fast charging & adjustable round elbow design so you can comfortably charge your phone while gaming.

✓ Three-head charging cable compatible with iOS and Android devices, so your money won’t go to waste!


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✓  Flexible & durable nylon braided wire that has high density, so it’s hard to break!

✓  High-quality tinned copper that makes for a stable and very safe charging time.


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✓  Double rotation interface & automatic absorption that makes charging your phone safer while driving.

✓  180°- 360° rotation & multi-angle charging that makes it flexible and more convenient to use.


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✓  Note:  :

This magnet cable does not support data transfer, only charging.


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✓  Specifications :

Color: Black

Length: 1m / 2m

plug:  Micro USB, Type C, IOS


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✓  Package list :

1* Magnetic charging cable

3* heads/plugs


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Magnetic Charging Cable

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