LED Magnetic USB Type C Adapter


LED Magnetic USB Type C Adapter


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LED Magnetic USB Type C Adapter


Ever inserted a USB the wrong way? Of course you have – even if we had laser vision, we’d still fail at it sometimes and maybe even damage a few sockets here and there!


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Using this magnetic USB, you will always plug in your USB correctly on the first try, thanks to its strong suction power! It’s fast-charging, durable, and its LED light shows you the device’s charging status.


Get your LED magnet charger!

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Charge all of your devices with type-c to magsafe2 adapter.

Keep your devices safe with upgraded suction cup and stable design.


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Get a faster charge with high-quality material and a PD protocol adapter.

Benefit from the 90°L-shaped right-angle design suitable for laptops and smartphones.

Plug in your USB correctly on the first try: no more scratching or damage to sockets!


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Material: aluminium alloy

Color: Silver

Current: 5A

Voltage: 18.5V~20V

Suitable for: MacBook Air/for pro


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1 x USB adapter


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LED Magnetic USB Type C Adapter

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