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Leather AirTag Holder


Leather AirTag Holder


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Leather AirTag Holder


Losing an AirTag that you spent your savings on can make you question your whole life! You don’t want to deal with that kind of headache in the future; you can use our Leather AirTag Holder to secure your AirTag (not included) in place and prevent other items from loss, such as keys, fog ID tag, etc.


Apple AirTag: Price, accessories, key chain, privacy, free engraving, everything to know



Plus, this is also an anti-collision, anti-scratch gadget that protects your items from damage in case of bumping!


Secure your valuables and loved ones, hurry and order!

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Professional quality PU leather that lasts for a long time.

Anti-loss ring to hang your keys or even hang it itself on your bag, backpack, and more.


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Compatible with iOS so you can insert an AirTag (not included) and track your belongings!

Anti-scratch & collision to protect your items or accessories from damage when they bump against each other!


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Multi Colors so you can choose the color you like.

Practical gift idea for a dear one who loses their items all the time!


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Specifications :

Material: PU leather, metal

Color: Multicolors

Compatibility: iOS



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Package list :

1* Leather AirTag Holder


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Leather AirTag Holder

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