Infrared thermometer + Free Face Shield Glasses


Infrared thermometer + Free Face Shield Glasses


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Infrared thermometer + Free Face Shield Glasses

With everything happening out there, measuring your fever is a must because that’s one of the first indicators when something is wrong. This is why you need something quick, accurate, and safe!


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What you need is The Infrared Thermometer, a non-contact thermometer that can measure temperature from a fair distance with high accuracy! You can know your temperature instantly and without putting yourself at any risk because it’s mercury-free. It’s also portable, lightweight, and suitable for all genders!

Basically, The Infrared Thermometer is a necessity in your home!

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✓  Efficient infrared thermometer that can indicate your fever quickly with high-accuracy.

✓  Intelligent fever warning system that warns you when the fever is more than normal.

✓  Safe thermometer due to its mercury-free design to prevent any danger.


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✓  Non-contact thermometer that ensures staying away from the human body.

✓  Convenient reading that supports backlight design and gives results in seconds.


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✓  Lightweight & portable to carry anywhere with you.

✓  Suitable for babies, toddlers, children, and adults.


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✓  Specifications :

Material: ABS
Working temperature: ambient temperature 10.0 ℃ -35.0 ℃(50.0℉- 95.0℉)
Power supply voltage: DC 3.0V  2 * AAA alkaline battery (not included)
Product size: L * W * H: 149 * 90 * 45mm
Measuring range: 35 ℃ -42.9 ℃(95.0℉-109.2℉) ( Body temperature mode)
Accuracy: 35 ℃ -42 ℃(95.0℉-107.6℉) : ± 0.2 ℃ (± 32.4℉)
Outside 35 ℃ -42 ℃(95.0℉-107.6℉): ± 0.3 ℃ (± 32.5℉)
Measuring distance: 1 cm ~ 3cm
Storage transportation: -20 ℃ ~ + 55 ℃ (-68.0℉~+131.0℉), relative humidity: ≤93%
Life: 2 years
Trichromatic backlight: 32℃-37.2℃ Green
37.3℃ -38℃ Yellow
38.1-42.9℃ Red (only trio-color edition)



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✓  Package List :

1* Non-contact Infrared Forehead Thermometer

1* Instruction manual
1* Certification of Competency


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Infrared thermometer + Free Face Shield Glasses

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