Heated Car Seats

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Heated Car Seats

Is it too cold to drive this winter? Way too cold that even your back and knees are hurting? This may increase your chances of driving unsafely and being involved in a car accident! Why dealing with that when you can have The Heated Car Seats?

Heated Car Seats


The Heated Car Seats will make sure that you are comfortably warm in the car! In 2 minutes only, The Car Seat will provide the desired heat after you easily adjust it, then ensure that you are safe by turning off after a specific amount of time. This Heated Car Seats is soft, durable, comfortable, and very efficient so you will never leave your car this winter!

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✓  The heated car seat provides ultra-fast heating up to ensure your warmth and comfort when driving in winter.

✓  Adjustable heat to meet your needs with low, medium, and high temperatures for your back and seat.

✓  Two heated car seats to make sure you and the passenger next to you are warm, too!

Heated Car Seats


✓  Fast heating wire that provides the desired warmth after 2 minutes only.

✓  Non-flammable, Smart & safe control system that is designed with automatic 30, 60, and 90 minutes shut-off options.

Heated Car Seats


✓  Universal fit that is suitable for all car seats & with non-slip base fabric to keep it in its place.

✓  Soft & sturdy material to provide maximum comfort and high durability.

Heated Car Seats


✓  Specifications :

Specifications: black double sitting
Size: 45*96cm (single)
Weight: 724 g
Material: knitted fabric + sponge polyester + sponge
Voltage: 12V
power: LO: 30W HI: 38W
line length: 120cm
Temperature range: 45 ° C – 65 ° C
Applicable: Inside the car

Heated Car Seats


✓  Package List :

2* Heated car seat covers


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Heated Car Seats

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