Guitar Fretboard Notes Map


Guitar Fretboard Notes Map


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Guitar Fretboard Notes Map


A great way to learn guitar chords is by seeing the notes that make up the chords as you are playing a chord progression. Our fretboard note stickers for all 6 strings of acoustic & electric guitars make it easy to see what notes will sound good with that chord progression. plus, they’re water resistant so you don’t have to worry about any accidental spills or rain while playing outdoors.


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You’ll be able to play along with any song and know what notes will sound best! Order yourself a board!


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✓ Colorful fretboard sticker is designed for beginner learners; easy to read and master!

✓ It makes your learning easily and takes your guitar skills to the next level.


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✓ The stickers are coated with durable adhesive, which can be easily pasted and removed from the guitar.

The adhesive on the backside is clean and durable, Leaving no residue on the fretboard.


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Material: stickers

Colors: as shown


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Guitar Fretboard Notes Map

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