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Foldable Laptop Cooling Bracket


Foldable Laptop Cooling Bracket


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Foldable Laptop Cooling BracketDoes your laptop tend to overheat? Do you use a bulky laptop stand that makes your laptop feel like it’s about to explode? You seriously need a cooling laptop stand like the Foldable Laptop Cooling Bracket!


Foldable Laptop Cooling Bracket


This bracket is small, portable, and won’t block your laptop’s air outlet but will instead increase the laptop fan efficiency, take up less space on your desk, and help improve your sitting posture as you won’t have to look down.


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✓  Hollowed design to improve your laptop fan’s efficiency, prevent overheating.

✓  Foldable, small, and compact; it won’t take up too much space.


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✓  Professional metal material that supports up to 12.5kg.

✓  Adjustable height, 15°/25° golden ergonomic viewing angle that helps you keep your posture healthy.


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✓  Durable, washable, and reusable with high hardness for long-term use.

✓  Wide compatibility with most laptops and tablets.


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✓  Specifications :

Material: Plastic

Weight: 40g

Colour: As shown in images

Load-bearing: within 12.5kg

Size: 3x21cm


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✓  Package List: :

1* Foldable Laptop Cooling Bracket


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Foldable Laptop Cooling Bracket

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