Foldable Aluminum Laptop Stand


Foldable Aluminum Laptop Stand


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Foldable Aluminum Laptop Stand

Are you often experiencing back, neck, and shoulder pain? Or even worse, consistent headaches and eyestrain? If you have all these symptoms in addition to wrist and hand pain, then you know well that your computer is to be blamed. Still, worry not! We have something that can really help!


Foldable Aluminum Laptop Stand


This Foldable and portable laptop stand can ease your pain and make your working hours more comfortable and less painful. Besides, it is a relatively inexpensive way to instantly improve your posture and positioning while using a laptop.


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lightweight, portable, convenient, patented and feels invisible.

Made of durable and good quality Aluminum material to ensure long-lasting use.


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Provides firm and stable balance as it’s supported by parallel lines, with strong load-bearing, which keeps your laptop from sliding or shaking.

Comes with a travel-friendly design, which allows you to carry it around and conveniently store it in the computer bag.


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Improves Comfort by keeping your laptop cool and ventilated and promotes relaxation and good posture for your lifestyle.

Features easy operation and improves airflow and heat ventilation of laptop during operation.


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Comes with 8° Inclination Angle Design, making it perfectly adjustable, providing your hands and posture with all the Comfort needed.

Widely compatible with all notebook computers of 11.6-17 inches.


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Specifications :

· Product name: Laptop Stand

· Material: Aluminum Alloy

· Support: 0.3cm slim Folding Support

· Angle design: 8° inclination angle design

· Color: Dark gray/ Silver

· Weight: 150 g (including the package)

· Size: 227mm*50mm


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Package List :

1* Foldable Aluminum Laptop Stand




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Foldable Aluminum Laptop Stand

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