Flameless Windproof Lighter

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Flameless Windproof Lighter


Whether you keep a lighter on you for your cigarettes or for when you are camping, these small devices can still burn your fingers and frustrate you when it’s windy.

Hop on with us to the world of electronics and get The Flameless Windproof Lighter! This Electronic Lighter is rechargeable, windproof, safe, and reliable. It is a sleek lighter that does the job and carries a style, you wouldn’t want to go anywhere without it!


Flameless Windproof Lighter


✓  The flameless windproof lighter is rechargeable and reusable so you will never need another lighter.

✓  New plasma technology that provides flameless ‘’flame’’ that is much more efficient. 


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 Reliable & windproof lighter that will light up your cigarette during any weather condition.

✓  Long battery life due to the high-quality battery with a cycle that lasts over 600 charges.


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✓ Safe lighter that prevents high-temperature damage.

✓  No butane or gas is required to ensure your safety.

✓  Unique & elegant design, making it a great gift idea for your friends and family in the holidays.


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✓  Specifications :

Material: Metal

Style: arc lighter

Size: 73*35*11mm

Colors: Black, silver, gold, blue, rainbow

Material: Zina alloy


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✓  Package List :

1* Electric flameless lighter



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Flameless Windproof Lighter

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