Fidget Spinner Bluetooth Earphones


Fidget Spinner Bluetooth Earphones


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Fidget Spinner Bluetooth Earphones


Is stress eating you up? Join hundreds of people using the Fidget Spinner Earbuds as we speak! These earbuds are more than just a way to listen to music; they also function as a fidget spinner. Experience instant satisfaction as the spinner rotates between your fingers and kicks anxiety and stress out of your system. The gentle vibrations and sleek feel make you forget all about your problems, even if for a few minutes! Oh, and don’t forget to listen to music — the earbuds boast premium quality sound, and the padded cups fit snugly in your ear.


Fidget Spinner Bluetooth Earphones


Hurry and claim this limited edition fidget spinner earbuds [won’t be available after 1 week].

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Double-whammy fidget spinner and earbuds combo. 2 ways to relieve stress: spinning and music!

Compact and portable design makes it easy to carry to work, school, or anywhere you go.


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Comfortable and secure fit for extended use, your money won’t go to waste.

Noise-reduction feature allows you to listen to music without distractions.


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Clear and responsive microphone for smoother and clearer calls.

Sleek design for a more comfortable and satisfying feeling.





Endurance: 120 (hours)

Channel: Stereo

Color: White


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Fingertip gyro charging chamber * 1

Headset * 2

Packing box * 1


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Fidget Spinner Bluetooth Earphones

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