Faucet Glass Rinser


Faucet Glass Rinser


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Faucet Glass Rinser


Do you still soak and scrub your glasses of water or wine? Do you still spend some solid minutes to get residues off the bottom of your glass? Forget soaking and scrubbing, the Faucet Glass Rinser removes any residues in seconds. Order your Faucet Rinser; stay practical!




All you need to do is install it on your kitchen counter, put the mouth of the cup, press the bottom of the cup lightly, and it will automatically water to clean it.


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Different Uses


Multipurpose: You can use it for bars, public houses, coffee shops, milk tea shops, restaurants, hotels, etc.


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Multi-angle Water Outlet Cleaning Head


Powerful water realizes multi-angle spray hole washing jets thoroughly rinse residue in seconds, while the subtle overhang directs water flow into the kitchen sink for easy clean-up.


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Easy Installation


The sleek, low-profile design coordinates with any faucet and can be easily installed in an empty, standard countertop hole. The required supply line (included) can be connected to either the hot or cold water supply line.


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Easy To Use


Generally, the pressure of tap water can be used for cleaning. Put the mouth of the cup downward and press the bottom of the cup lightly and automatically spray water for cleaning. When the cup is cleaned, remove the cup and stop spraying water, the cleaning is completed.


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Dimension (H*W*D): 17.5x 9x 1.2 cm / 6.9 x 3.6 x 0.5 inches

Material: Plastic

Weight: 550g

Color: Black


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Package List:

1 x Faucet Glass Rinser


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Faucet Glass Rinser

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