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Exhaust Pipe Rust Removal Set


Exhaust Pipe Rust Removal Set


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Exhaust Pipe Rust Removal Set

Looking for an effective and affordable solution to clean and restore your car or motorcycle’s exhaust pipe or prevent issues caused by dirt build-up? Look no further than the Car Motorcycle Exhaust Pipe Cleaner and Rust Remover! With its powerful formula, it quickly removes rust and other stubborn stains while restoring the brightness of your exhaust pipe.



Plus, this set comes with rubber gloves, a spone, a towel, and a brush to make the cleaning process even easier. And with long-term surface protection, you can be confident that your exhaust pipe will look great for months to come. Plus, by using this cleaner/rust remover, you will save money on costly repairs or replacements down the line.

Order now for a clean and shiny exhaust pipe!

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Restore the brightness of your vehicle’s exhaust pipe with ease.

Equipped with complete application tools for a comprehensive cleaning and maintenance experience.


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Protects the surface of the pipe in the long term to prevent rust from accumulating again.

Doesn’t damage the exhaust pipe; it’s long-lasting, maintaining and restoring your car or motorcycle exhaust pipes.


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Volume: 120ml

Weight: 0.2kg


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1 x antioxidant cleaner

1 x Gloves

1 x sponge pad

1 Brush

1 towel


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Exhaust Pipe Rust Removal Set

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