EMF Radiation Detection Meter


EMF Radiation Detection Meter


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EMF Radiation Detection Meter

Most people don’t even realize that they’re being constantly exposed to harmful levels of EMF radiation. This invisible energy can cause a variety of health problems over time, including cancer.




The EMF Radiation Detection Meter is the perfect solution for anyone who wants to measure and mitigate their exposure to EMF radiation that come from all wireless devices like cell phones, smart meters, tablets, and laptops. Our meter is easy to use, accurate and fits in your pocket.


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Accurate detection of EMF radiation with 3 probes.

360° detection for a more accurate reading.

Wider detection range than single probe detectors.


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Comes with a backlight function- perfect for use in the dark.

2.4 inch large screen for simultaneous electric and magnetic field display.

Portable and easy to carry around.


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Detection of electromagnetic radiation levels up to 8GHz.

Stores the last 16 measurements for reference.

Alarm signal to indicate high levels of EMF radiation.


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Bright torch for viewing in dark environments.

Protects mothers, babies, pregnant women seniors, office workers, and everyone from radiation harm.


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Material: ABS

Color: As shown



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Package List :

1 x EMF Radiation Detection Meter


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EMF Radiation Detection Meter

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