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Electromagnetic Field Finder


Electromagnetic Field Finder


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Electromagnetic Field FinderHeadaches, anxiety, fatigue, and even cancer are all threats of electromagnetic radiation. So how can you be sure that you don’t already live in a high-level electromagnetic field or are passing by one?


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The Electromagnetic Field Finder measures electric and magnetic radiation around you, including low-frequency and high-frequency home appliances, and electromagnetic generated machines so you can stay safe & healthy wherever you go!


Order the Electromagnetic Field Finder before the radiation finds you!

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✓  Tests two types of EMF pollution; electric field & magnetic fields radiation.

✓  Safe to use so you can avoid electromagnetic fields indoors & outdoors.


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✓  Accurate results on the amounts of radiation that your home appliances emit.

✓  Measure electro-magnetic generated machines, low-frequency appliances, and high-frequency radiation appliances.

✓  Easy to use with a screen display showing “Good” or “Bad” environments.


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✓  Specifications :

Color: Black

Battery: 1.5v aaa battery (included)


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✓  Package list :

1* Electromagnetic Field Finder

1* User Manual

3* 1.5v aaa battery


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Electromagnetic Field Finder

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