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Digital Air Pump


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Digital Air Pump

Don’t you hate it when the tire of your bike loses its air when you are in the middle of nowhere? You don’t need to wait for people to come and save you because, now, you can be your own savior and tire fixer!


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Meet The Digital Air Pump that can, with complete ease, read the pressure of your tire and pump it to keep you going non-stop! The Electric Air Pump comes with a built-in lithium battery that charges quickly and remains charged for a very long time. This Digital Tire Pressure is compact, lightweight, easy to use, and portable to carry with you everywhere.


Don’t let your tires keep you from cycling around the city! Get your Digital Air Pump Today!

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✓  The digital air pump is the best resolution for all tires of any vehicle.

✓  Compact but powerful air pump that can fill eight road bike tires when fully charged.

✓  Quick & effective air pump that can fill one tire in less than 3 minutes.


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✓  Compatible with a variety of nozzles to make sure all your tires are ready to go.

✓  Built-in lithium battery that provides excellent battery life and can be charged in less than 3hours.

✓  Multifunctional air pump that can be used on bike tires, cars, motorcycles, etc.




✓  Bright LED light & LCD display to read the tire’s pressure and never have an issue in the dark.

✓  Lightweight & portable to keep with you at all times.

✓  Easy to use so you will never need an expert.


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✓  Specifications :

Product size: 124x71x45.3mm (without air pipe)

Charging interface: Micro-USB

Inflation pressure range: 0.2-10.3bar/3-150psi

Charging parameters: 5V-2A

Battery capacity: 2000mAh (14.8Wh)

Sensor accuracy: ±2psi

Storage temperature: -10 ° C -45 ° C

Working noise: noise less than 80dB from 1 meter

Operating humidity: charging 0 ° C -45 ° C, discharge -10 ° C -45 ° C

 Charging time: less than 3 hours


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✓ Package List :

1* Air Pump

1* French air nozzle adapter

1* Gas needle

1* Charging cable

1* Storage bag

1* User manual



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Digital Air Pump

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