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Dental Endoscope


Dental Endoscope


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Dental Endoscope

A healthy, white smile requires regular oral hygiene, and to maintain one, you have to prevent dental issues like cavities, spots, plaque, and so on! But wait… too busy to visit your dentist? Then, you must have this!


Dental Endoscope


This portable and super practical  Dental Endoscope will help you spot all dental issues before they get worse. It allows you to take real-time videos and pictures of your oral teeth and keep all the dental problems at bay.


Early prevention is key to an attractive smile! So, are you excited to order one?

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✓ Intelligent visual, oral dental camera allowing you to take pictures and videos of your oral teeth & directly observe the spots, plaque, gums, and all other conditions in the mouth.

✓  Portable ergonomic design with remote Wi-Fi signal: simple, light, and aerodynamic look, even if you keep it in your hand for a long time.


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✓  Real-time video inspection allowing to check the changes in the oral cavity at any time and effectively prevent oral diseases.

✓  Easy to use and connect to your mobile phone.

✓  Wireless magnetic charging, automatic closing, convenient, and quick without leakage, ensuring safety.


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✓  Specification :

Material: Plastic

Applicable models: mobile phone universal

Charging time: 1.5h-2h

Use time: about 120 minutes

Auxiliary lighting: 8 cold light led lights

Battery: 300mAh

Working frequency: 2.4GHz

Color: White


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✓ Package List :

1* Dental Endoscope



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Dental Endoscope

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