Contact Lens Ultrasonic Cleaner


Contact Lens Ultrasonic Cleaner


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Contact Lens Ultrasonic Cleaner

If you use contact lenses without taking good care of them and making sure that they are squeaky clean, you’re putting your eye cornea in danger. Eye infections and major vision problems are the last things you need in your life, so try the Contact Lens Ultrasonic Cleaner. 




It deep-cleanses your contact lenses by separating the air and water in the liquid to form 50-500um bubbles, eliminating bacteria, protein, lipid, and dust, so that not a single spot is left unclean. 


Prioritize your eye health, order now!



✓  Clean lenses with one click! The 5,000 high-frequency vibrations start the cleaning for 2 minutes leaving them spotless.

✓  Just one charge cleanses lenses for 20 days, all through magnetic USB charging.




✓  The material is safe for lenses; silicone sealing cup, seamless cleaning tank, magnetic cover, frosted shell.

✓  It’s portable so you can take it on travel trips and clean lenses any time!



✓  Specifications :

Color: White

Rated power: 2w

Rated voltage: 5v dc

Rated frequency: 56000hz

Noise: less than 35db(a)

Timing: 2 minutes

Battery capacity: 450mah

Time Standby time: around 40 minutes/20 times

Fully charged time: around2-2.5hours

Product size: 100*60*35mm

Inner production size: 43.5*21.5*56mm

Net weight: 91g




✓  Package List: :

1* Contact Lens Ultrasonic Cleaner


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Contact Lens Ultrasonic Cleaner

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