Colorful Solar LED Outdoor Lanterns


Colorful Solar LED Outdoor Lanterns


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Colorful Solar LED Outdoor Lanterns

Traditional garden lamps are not that economical. Plus, it’s a hassle to have to change the brightness manually – if that’s even an option. So why not try the Solar LED Outdoor Lanterns with sensors and five different lighting modes that you can adjust using a remote control! The lanterns are colorful, solar-powered to save you energy and very classy as decorations too.


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✓ Efficient and eco-friendly lighting for camping, emergencies, and power outages.

✓ Body sensors that detect when a stranger comes within range: The bright light illuminates stronger when someone approaches and continues on for about 20 minutes after!


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✓ Energy-saving so you won’t deal with pricey electricity bills for your garden or yard lighting.

✓ Auto-lighting: 60 White led Light and 40 Warm LED lights to pick from!


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Voltage: 5V

Material: ABS

Protection Level: IP65


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1 x Solar LED Outdoor Lanterns


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