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Catch-Me Running Alarm


Catch-Me Running Alarm


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Catch-Me Running AlarmWait, did your alarm go off at all, or did you wake up,  turn it off, and go back to sleep?! Sleeping through the alarm, while fairly common, can be disastrous! Just imagine missing work, flight, job interview, or any other important appointments.



The Catch-Me Running Alarm will go off and roll away from you, forcing your to get up and chase it! It is a part robot with wheels & a part alarm, loud, and suitable for kids and adults.

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Alarm clock with wheels allowing it to roll, jump away and hide from you, so you will have to get up and turn it off!

Fun, unique, and loud so you won’t just hit snooze and sleep in.


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Can be used by adults, students, and kids if you want to teach them to rely on themselves.

It moves on carpet or wood, shakes, and changes directions.

A useful gift for a college student or an adult who has just started living solo.


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Specifications :

Material: plastic

Power: 4 x AAA battery (excluded)

Color: As shown

Size: 13 x 8 cm



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Package List :

1* Catch-Me Running Alarm

1* Manual


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Catch-Me Running Alarm

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