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Car Side Window Sunshade


Car Side Window Sunshade


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Car Side Window Sunshade


Driving in the summer almost always feels like hell! Not only does your car overheat and wastes gas but it’s also hard to see out the side of the window when driving.


Car Side Window Sunshade


The Car Side Window Sunshade blocks UV rays, protects your car from overheating, and keeps you comfortable on hot days while still allowing you to see through the side windows. 


Stay safe and comfy on rides this summer, order yours now!

Car Side Window Sunshade


✓  Rear & front windows pair to protect you & rear seat passengers from sun rays.

✓  Effective reflection and heat conduction insulation to keep you cool on hot days!


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✓  Anti-mosquito net to keep the annoying mosquitoes away on rides or when stopping the car for breaktime.

✓  Durable & stretchable mesh material to place on both sides of the glass.


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✓  Environment protection to reduce the volatilization of harmful substances in the car & damage to the human body.

✓ Easy to install and remove with a unique design that covers the whole window.


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✓  Specifications :

Material: Polyester mesh, elastic band

Color: Black

S small car: 100*54cm

M Square SUV: 105*52M

L medium-sized car: 113*50CM


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✓  Package list :

2* pieces Car Side Window Sunshade


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Car Side Window Sunshade

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