Car Cup Holder

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Worried about spilling your drink or not reaching your phone while driving? You should worry no more! The universal car cup holder is here to take your driving experience to a more convenient level. It is what every car needs


Car Cup Holder


The car cup phone holder is not only a great interior accessory but also a practical 360-degree-rotatable organizer that meets your diverse needs. It can hold any cup thanks to its expandable bottom base as well as securely grip your phone on the road so you can safely check maps, answer calls, or take pictures. And you can also use it to store small items, like pens or sunglasses.


Make driving fun, safe, and tidy. Get your own car cup holder today!


✓  Multifunctional car cup holder can be used to secure your cup and phone in place, plus, store little things to keep your car organized.  

✓  Convenient 360°Rotation to use the space however you want without the risk of items falling. 



✓  Smart Design to use the free space in your car in the most practical ways, while keeping your items within reach.  

✓  Non-Slip grip to keep your drinks, devices, and other items stable while driving, even on a bumpy rough road.  

✓  Universal holder to fit any car.



✓  Specifications  :

Product Name: Car Cup Holder

Color: Black

Material: ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene)

Size: 5.5x12x18cm (2.17×4.72×7.09”)




✓  Package List :

1*Car Cup Holder


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