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Bluetooth Vibrating Eye Massager


Bluetooth Vibrating Eye Massager


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Bluetooth Vibrating Eye Massager
You use them to work on your computer, read, drive, write, and when they start hurting, you do nothing! Yes, we’re talking about your eyes and yes, eye strain, eye fatigue, and fine lines are common in office workers!

Bluetooth Vibrating Eye Massager

That’s why the Bluetooth Vibrating Eye Massager is the best solution, as it uses vibration to massage the area around your eyes and acts as a hot compress to improve blood circulation, relieve eye fatigue, restore ciliary muscle flexibility, and reduce fine lines and dark circles!

Your eyes are your priority, order the Bluetooth Vibrating Eye Massager!

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The USB-rechargeable Bluetooth massager uses air pressure to massage important pressure points and relieves eye fatigue.

The hot compress option activates blood circulation and reduces wrinkles and eye bags.

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It plays music and allows you to turn it off safely in 15 minutes so you can have a deep, peaceful sleep.

Easy to use as it has one button to control 5 modes: auto/vitality/distinct/dynamic/sleep mode.

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The 180° foldable design makes it easy to carry so you can relieve your eyes at work on breaks, etc.

Comfortable, eco-friendly, safe, and made of high-quality durable material.

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Specifications: :

Material: ABS and TPR

Color: White

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Package List: :

1 * Eye Massager

1* USB charging cable

1 * User manual

1* retail package box

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Bluetooth Vibrating Eye Massager

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