Bluetooth Car LED Display

How many times have you felt the need to express a certain emotion to the drivers behind you? Of course, you are not about to go shouting and disturbing others, so silently and politely, express yourself using the Bluetooth Car LED Display!


Mojipic ‧ The World's First Voice-Controlled Emoji Car Display | FORTRESS豐澤

The Bluetooth Car LED Display will help you make people happier by sending them smileys! Pick any emoji you like or create a unique one to display for the drivers behind you. Also, you don’t have to shy away because you can show anger to the inconsiderate drivers, too! The Bluetooth Car LED Display can be easily controlled with Bluetooth, and it can also be adjusted to ensure everyone can see it clearly. 

Get your Bluetooth Car LED Display now and make your emotions visible!

✓  The Bluetooth car LED display will show off Emojis or any animated image/GIF on the car’s window for the drivers behind you.

✓  Advanced Bluetooth chip that can connect to all iOS and Android systems for easy and quick control.

✓  DIY ability allowing you to create your own image easily.

✓  Unique & cool built-in 80 pictures and 27 animations to choose from (the number will increase in the future).

✓  Adjustable & easy to install LED display to provide better visibility. 

✓  Durable & premium quality to ensure a lifetime of use.



✓  Specifications :

Display Size: 133x128x15mm

Weight: 0.4KG

Size: 128*128mm

Pixel: 32×32 dots

Package: Yes



✓  Package List :

1* Car LED display

1* Cord


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Bluetooth Car LED Display

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