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Anti-Spy Phone Case


Anti-Spy Phone Case


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Anti-Spy Phone Case


The privacy of your phone is very important that strangers don’t seem to understand somehow, it is in your hands to protect your sensitive information and there is no better way than our Anti-Spy Phone Case.




It’s expected that someone always has eyes on your phone while you use it, but the phone case will prevent anyone from seeing anything. It will also protect your phone when it accidentally falls, support wireless charging, and keep your device looking great!


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It’s time to allow today’s technology to protect you in every aspect! The anti-spy phone case will protect your personal information and keep everything safe from strangers.


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✓ Double-side clear tempered glass that can still show the original phone design clearly.

✓ Strong magnetic absorption that is easy to assemble for a super easy and quick installation.


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✓ Smart magnetic phone case that can support wireless charging.

✓ Creative full protection & anti-fall feature to protect your phone completely.


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Specifications :

Design: Transparent

Type: Fitted Case

Features: magnetic case cover, Absorption, Anti-knock, Dirt-resistant

Compatible iPhone Model: iPhone 6 and above

Material: Tempered Glass Case


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Package List :

1* Anti-spy phone case


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Anti-Spy Phone Case

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