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Anti-Soreness Neck Heating Pad


Anti-Soreness Neck Heating Pad


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Anti-Soreness Neck Heating PadBundle up! It’s getting colder by the day, and it will be especially uncomfortable for those who often experience body soreness. If you have neck pain but don’t always have the time or money to go to a chiropractor or masseuse, the Anti-soreness Neck Heating Pad is the solution.


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This electric heating pad will relieve muscle tension in your neck muscles, shoulders, upper back by increasing blood flow through your body. You can also use it for abdomen, arms, and leg soreness. 


Unwind after a long day at work. Order now!

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It is skin-friendly, comfortable, and comes with different temperatures (low-grade 30℃, medium-grade 40°C, high-grade 50°C) to match your needs.

High-quality coral wool fabric that is soft, skin-friendly, and comfortable to touch.


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Heats up in seconds, effectively warming up cool hands and feet, promoting blood circulation, relaxing the body, relaxing tired muscles and joints, and provisioning pain relief to sore muscles.

Detachable cloth cover so you can easily wash it in the washing machine.


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Easy to operate with an LCD controller, 2.3 meters of power cord allows you to enjoy the heat treatment process in a comfortable bed/chair.

Safe 2-hour auto-off function prevents the heating pad from overheating.


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Specifications :

Material: coral fleece + abs

Color: As shown in images

Size: 57*43cm

Weight: 0.53kg

Plug type: US plug



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Package List :

1* Anti-Soreness Neck Heating Pad


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Anti-Soreness Neck Heating Pad

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