Anti Shake Magnetic Phone Bracket


Anti Shake Magnetic Phone Bracket


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Anti Shake Magnetic Phone Bracket


Do your shaky hands make any video or picture you take look unpolished or difficult to watch?




With our Intelligent Anti Shake Magnetic Camera Bracket, you’ll be able to use your phone camera and end up with high-quality, steady videos and pictures. Even when you’re moving around, walking or dancing, the magnetic holder will automatically adjust and keep itself steady. Plus, you can use it as a phone stand to watch videos or hold zoom meetings!


Hurry and get your anti-shake phone holder ( only 10 left)!!

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The magnetic bracket latches firmly onto your phone and keeps it steady.

Record precious moments without having to do it twice!


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Hold your phone more comfortably and record videos without shaking.

Use the bracket as a phone stand to face-time or watch videos comfortably.

Great for traveling, concerts, work events, and more!


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Color: black, dark blue, pink, dark purple

Material: ABS+PU+magnet


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1 x bracket


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Anti Shake Magnetic Phone Bracket

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