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Anti-loss smart Tracker


Anti-loss smart Tracker


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Anti-loss smart Tracker

There is nothing worse than touching your pocket and finding out that your car keys are missing… We all know that dreadful feeling and we all wish there was some GPS that tracks our lost valuables!


Anti-loss smart Tracker


Well, it looks like we already have that technology, and while it’s not exactly a “GPS,” it’s an anti-loss & anti-forgetting device that helps prevent your items from being lost and finds them for you in time. This Anti-loss Smart Tracker monitors the whereabouts of your valuables such as keys, phone, wallet, important documents, and even your kid or pet.


Want to find your valuables and loved ones before it’s too late? Order The Anti-loss Smart Tracker!

Anti-loss smart Tracker


✓  Wireless track device that prevents you from forgetting valuables and finds them in real-time in case you lost them.

✓  Bluetooth-connects with phone APP to track lost items, kid, and your lost dog by locating its tag, so you no longer have to worry or panic!

✓  Connects with only 1 phone, so make sure to delete the “matching” or “pairing” from the first phone if you want to connect it to a second phone!


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✓  Two-way alarm anti-loss that alerts you when the distance between the device and your phone is larger than 10m(indoor)/30m(outdoor), so it’ll always remind you to check your belongings.

✓  Disconnection mode lets you check the recent disconnection position of the device through the “Baseus intelligent” APP and trace your items on time.

✓  High volume buzzer (80-100dB) that prevents your baby from getting lost or wandering off. Don’t worry, it’s very loud so you can easily hear it outdoors!


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✓  Easy to use one-key search anti-loss & anti-forgetting feature, so you won’t waste time trying to find the right device key when you’re in a hurry!

✓  Battery levels show up on your phone screen through the tracker’s app, so once recharged, the battery won’t die when you most need it!


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✓  Small design to hang on your bag or keep in your pocket, just make sure not to lose it and your main phone too!

✓  Unique & useful gift idea for forgetful loved ones, so if you have nothing to lose, gift it to somebody who does!


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✓  Specifications :

Color: White, Blue, Pink

Rated Voltage: 3V

Rated Current: 3.3mA

Rated Power: 10uW

Volume: 80-100dB

T1 Polymer Battery: 3V 150mAh

Sensing Distance: 10m(Indoor)~30m(Outdoor)


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✓  Package list :

1* Smart Tracker


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Anti-loss smart Tracker

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