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All Nighter LED Lamp


All Nighter LED Lamp


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All Nighter LED LampDo you work night shifts on your computer? Do you prefer studying, reading, or writing at night? Are you at least equipped for your all-nighters?


All Nighter LED Lamp



The All Nighter LED Lamp makes working, writing, reading, or studying at night much more comfortable for your eyes and for your soul! It has 20 LED beads and 3 levels of brightness, soft, medium, and bright, to suit your needs! Plus, it’s also a phone and pen holder + foldable so you can take it to your office or anywhere you want.


Order your late-night study, work, and reading companion now!

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✓  Foldable lamp that you can easily carry to your office, bedroom, or anywhere you like to hang out.

✓  360° free bending to match your needs and your sitting position.


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✓  20 LED beads + 3 levels of brightness (white light) to choose from, bright, medium, and soft that does not hurt your eyes at night.

✓  Touch switch so you can quickly and easily turn it on/off!


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✓  Phone and pen holder design to keep your needed items close and tidy!

✓  Compact and cute so it’s also a great gift idea for a fellow writer or reader, or anybody!


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✓  Specifications :

Number of led beads: 20

Color of light source: white light

Switch: touch

Voltage: 5v

Power: 6w


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✓  Package List :

1* All Nighter LED Lamp


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All Nighter LED Lamp

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