4-Segment Speed Knife sharpener


4-Segment Speed Knife sharpener


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4-Segment Speed Knife sharpener

No need to spend hours in the kitchen trying to cook using a dull knife. This 4-Segment Speed Knife sharpener will sharpen any of your kitchen knives or scissors and make them 10 times more useful so you can spend less time cutting veggies or meat!



This is the sharpener to your kitchen knife! Order now!

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Adopts 4-segment stainless steel speed grinding, fine grinding, V-shaped knife sharpening groove, fits the knife body, easily makes the knife sharp as new.

Round shape, fits the hands, separates the knife and hands, sharpening the knife no longer hurts the hands, girls can also easily sharpen, the bottom is equipped with anti-skid pads, safe and stable.


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A total of 4 levels of grooves, tungsten steel grooves, diamond grooves, ceramic grooves, scissors grooves, very suitable for cleavers, slicing knives, fruit and vegetable knives, scissors, etc.

The silicone lanyard is convenient for storage and hanging storage, making the kitchen tidy and clean. You can carry the sharpener when camping and grilling outdoors.


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Instructions for use:

  1. Slightly blunt, ceramic fine grinding 10 times in one direction.
  2. Blunt, diamond unidirectional 10 times, ceramic unidirectional 10 times.
  3. Very blunt, 20 times for tungsten steel alloy, 10 times for diamond, 10 times for ceramic.


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Material: Stainless steel

Size: Approx. 205x65x38 mm

Color: blue, white

Weight: Approx. 138g


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Package List:

1 x 4-Segment Speed Knife sharpener


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4-Segment Speed Knife sharpener 

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