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3Pcs Car Seat Cover


3Pcs Car Seat Cover


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3Pcs Car Seat CoverTraveling by car can be super fun but not sooner or later your hips will begin to scream for help because of the uncomfy, itchy seat (especially in summer)! If your car seat is super uncomfortable and hard to the touch, then why do you even bother having one or going on road trips for that matter!


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The 3Pcs Car Seat Cover is the perfect travel companion; it’s made of smooth, breathable, anti-bacterial, and waterproof PU leather that keeps you comfortable and happy on the road. Forget about sweat bacteria and itchiness, forget about pained hips!

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The PU leather is of high quality; the cushion cover is used for car rear seats.

It’s breathable + antibacterial so you can stay cool and sweat-free in summer.


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The soft cotton filling prevents fatigue and keeps you pain-free.

It’s smooth, delicate, and anti-static so it stays clean from lint at all times and keeps you comfy.


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Specifications :

Material: PU + non-slip rubber

Filling: Cotton

Color: Black-white, black-red, beige

Uses: Car rear seat cushion

Applicable models: 5-seater universal



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Package List: :

1* 3Pcs Car Seat Cover


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3Pcs Car Seat Cover

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