2160p HD Car Video RecorderYou can’t watch your car 24/7 and you definitely can’t afford to have a stranger driving it around in your absence or a fraud accusing you of causing a road accident! The best way to guarantee your peace of mind is through the HD Car Video Recorder.


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Our video recorder provides high definition real-time 2160p HD video recording with built-in WIFI & night vision for up to 32GB memory card storage capacity. It supports loop-cycle recording so even when the SD card gets full, it still automatically records without interrupting any footage.

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✓  Ultra HD CAR DVR recorder; video resolution is as high as 2880x2160p at 24fps and 1920x1080p at 30fps.

✓  Hidden camera design; you can easily install it on the dashboard, rearview mirror. Nobody will notice!

✓  Built-in WIFI; it supports ios and android application handling:  you can watch the recorded videos, download, & share them from the DVR to your android phone or iphone.


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✓  Large storage capacity; supports  8G-32G micro SG card (not included).

✓  Night vision recording so you can still get high-quality road videos in pitch blackness.


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✓  Cycle recording that allows the camera to record even when SD is full.

✓  6 glasses lenses and motion detection to bust any creepers threatening your car.


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✓  Specifications :

Shooting angle: 140°

Pixel: 5 million

Installation position: rearview mirror, rear car rear

Power supply: DC12V

Voltage: 5v

Rated current: 2.5A

powered by: Fuse box power supply/ USB interface power supply



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✓  Package List: :

1* 2160p HD Car Video Recorder


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2160p HD Car Video Recorder

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