1Pc/4Pcs Magnetic UV Car Sunshade


1Pc/4Pcs Magnetic UV Car Sunshade


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1Pc/4Pcs Magnetic UV Car Sunshade


Too hot in the car during the summer? Your solution is the car sunshade is the perfect solution to keep your car cool and comfortable during the summer. The magnetic mesh curtain blocks out the UV rays and prevents your car from getting too hot and helps you drive safely and comfortably. Plus, it’s easy to store in your car compartments.




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✓ Cut sun glare and reduce heat: Keep your vehicle cooler, No more hot seats!

✓ Block the UV rays effectively, and protect your peripheral vision from sun glare!


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✓ It’s safe and won’t block your side vision while driving.

✓ Cooling & sun protection for your kids and pets in the back seats.

while preventing sunlight and mosquitoes and winged insect from entering the car.


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Material: Mesh

Color: Black


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1Pc or 4Pcs sunshades for back and front seat


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