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1000m Long-distance WIFI Antenna


1000m Long-distance WIFI Antenna


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1000m Long-distance WIFI AntennaEveryone deserves a good quality WIFI signal that reaches every corner of the house — not just the living room but the bedroom, the garden, the floor above, and even the basement!


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Our WIFI antenna with built-in signal amplifier can reach 1000 meters (3,280.8399 ft) and can be used with a router or computer to boost the range and increase the speed of your connection indoors and outdoors. Plus, it has 1w ultra-high power output & comes with a USB wifi adapter!


Order your 1000m Long-distance WIFI Antenna, stay connected anywhere!

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✓  1w Ultra high power antenna that reaches 1000 meters (3,280.8399 feet) of distance away from the router!

✓  USB adapter that can connect directly to your desktop computer.


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✓  High-quality & stable to stay connected indoors and outdoors even in a large space.

✓  Integrated amplifier that increases speed & range so the signal can get through thick walls, floors, and other obstacles.


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✓  Specifications :

Baud rate: 1000Mbps

Transmission speed: 600Mbps

Wireless protocol: 802.11b

Adapter socket: USB2.0

Interface Type: USB2.0

Wi-Fi supported frequency: 2.4GHz/5GHz


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✓  Package list  :

1* 1000m Long-distance WIFI Antenna with USB adapter


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1000m Long-distance WIFI Antenna

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