USB Cigarette Lighter

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Product Details

This  USB cigarette lighter made of high quality and non- toxic material will allow you to light up your cigarette with ease. This lightweight & ultra-portable electronic cigarette lighter features a futuristic design & a high-quality battery. It’s windproof, long-lasting, environmentally friendly, and cost-effective! 

✓  USB rechargeable:

Built-in rechargeable battery, this  USB electronic cigarette lighter can be charged via any standard USB port. You will never run out of fuel! This USB charging lighter will light your cigarette in seconds.  It’s 100% electric & rechargeable and can provide you with more than 100-200 lights per full charge.

✓  Ultra-Portable:

 This silent & rechargeable USB cigarette lighter features a very convenient, small design allowing you to carry it everywhere, even in those restricted areas such as your office or other official places where the use of normal cigarette lighter is prohibited!

✓  Windproof:

 This USB cigarette lighter is windproof & weatherproof. Whether its high wind or rain or any other weather condition, this pocket-friendly  USB lighter has electronic filament which will light your cigarette in seconds.

✓  Super-Fast Warm-Up:

 This USB  charging cigarette lighter Uses intense heat to light cigarettes. No Gas/Fuel Is Required. This USB lighter is safe and very easy to use. You just need to plug it in. The lighter is flameless and uses a special electronic coil that heats up INSTANTLY and is windproof!

✓ Specifications:

Product Name: USB  Electric Lighter

Features : Rechargeable/ windproof/ stylist/portable..etc

Material: Metal

Size: 22*8*83 mm

Type: plasma lighter/ USB lighter/ USB  electric lighter

✓  Package Includes :

1* Electronic cigarette lighter

1*USB cable


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USB Cigarette Lighter