Golf Rangefinder

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When it comes to golfing, it is very important to measure your yards, you can struggle trying to use yardage plates but there is almost none to the side of the fairway! This is where the Golf Range Finder comes into play with a magnification of 7X reaching up to a distance of 930 yards!



The Golf Rangefinder will help you become the best in the golf yard as it will accurately measure the distance to help you score easily! It’s safe to use, portable, and lightweight to always carry with you! Actually, the distance between two objects will never be a dilemma anymore because this Golf Rangefinder can also measure distance in any other situation for you!

You too can be the next Tiger Woods with the Golf Rangefinder!


✓  Premium Rangefinder with the capability of reaching 930 yards and measuring the distance accurately.

✓  Safe to use for long periods without any radiation or damage to the body during the measurement of distance.



✓  Multifunctional with two modes: green mode for golfing and general mode for any situation in which you want to measure the distance between the target and the object.

✓  Portable & Lightweight design, which makes it easy to carry with you in your hand or bag measuring only 3.5 x 2 x 1.5 inches.



✓  Battery-Powered since it uses digital technology and precision optics to measure distance accurately which is essential for real golfers.

✓  Easy-to-use with the operation manual; anyone can use it to measure distance once they’ve read through the manual.




✓  Operation Manual :

1. Press the switch / adjust button to start the instrument will directly enter the lawn function.

2. When playing golf:

a. The height (2.6 yards) of the scale in which the code is in is entered.

b. Align the bottom line of the screen with the horizontal line of the lawn.

c. The position of the scan line is raised to the top of the golf flagpole press the switch/adjustment key.

d. The number will be at the top of the screen, indicating the distance between the ball and the hole.

3. Distance used for measuring special targets:

a. When the function key is used, the instrument enters the general functional state, and the screen displays three digits and one decimal point.

b. Press the function key to move to the ten digits, and then press the switch / adjust key to enter the number, the range is 0 to 9.

c. Repeat the above steps, set the number of bits, and below the decimal point.

d. Press the function key to finish the above input process.

e. Depending on the height you enter, the screen will show the minimum distance you can measure.

f. Align the bottom line of the screen with the lowest line of the object.

g. Switch the position of the scan line up to the top of the target by pressing the switch/adjustment key.

h. The number will appear at the top of the screen, indicating the distance between you and the target. Please input its height.


  •   Do not use the Golf Rangefinder to observe the sun.
  •   Turn off the device after 60 seconds of use.




✓  Specifications :

Objective lens: 28mm

Eyepiece: 16mm

Resolution: 13 inch

Magnification: 7X

Visual angle: 7.8 degrees

Size: approx. 90x50x38mm/3.54x1.96x1.49''




✓  Package List :

1* Monocular Rangefinder


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Golf Rangefinder