Anti - Spy Bug Detector

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Product Details

This Anti-spy bug detector will detect and locate the wired and wireless hidden camera and RF device. The Anti-Spy detector is environmentally friendly and built-in rechargeable battery with a low-voltage warning. The Anti-Spy detector also comes equipped with an auto-detecting.  This anti-spy bug detector is lightweight and easy to carry!

✓  Accurate Identification:

This anti-spy detector uses an active laser and passive wireless method to detect and identify all the wired and wireless hidden cameras. This anti-spy detector will protect your privacy to a large extent.

✓  Adjustable Sensitivity:

This anti-spy bug detector features a new upgraded sensitivity chip and a wide range of detection frequency. This allows the anti-spy detector to quickly identify waves at source (Greater sensitivity to widen the scope of detection range or reduce the sensitivity to easily detect reduced detection range).

✓  Auto-Detection & Quick Lock Source:

 The multifunctional anti-spy detector comes equipped with the auto-detection feature. Once bugs are detected, the anti-spy bug will automatically vibrate, beep, and use a lED light flicker. The anti-spy detector also features signal strength indicator lights that can easily find the signal at source.

✓  Signals Radiation Warning:

This  wireless  and multi-purpose detector can also help you detect harmful radiation signals in your house or working environments that are emitted from household appliances such as refrigerators, computers..etc

✓  Portable & Easy To Use:

Built-in rechargeable batteries, this anti-spy detector features a lightweight, portable design, allowing you to carry it around wherever you go! The Anti-spy detector is also easy to use and operate!

✓ Specifications:

Laser detection camera distance of 10 cm - 10 m
Radio detection of camera range 5 cm - 10 m
Power in the 50 - 200 mv detection range 30-50 cm
Power in the 300 - 600 mv detection range 100-200 cm
Power in the 800 - 1200 mv detection range 300-800 cm
Power: built-in lithium polymer battery 450mAH
Current consumption: 8 mA
Probe laser wavelength of 920 mm
Receive frequency range 1 MHz - 6500 MHz
Special dedicated optical lens filters
Material: ABS plastic

✓  Package Includes :

1 x CC308 Detector

1 x AC charger

1 x Earphone

1 x English user manual

1 x Russian user manual

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Anti - Spy Bug Detector