360° Rotating LED Night Light

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When you need to get up in the middle of the night to get something, you would be way too sleepy to find the switch light. Also, you just wouldn’t want to wake your partner or kids by turning on the room’s strong light. That’s why the 360° Rotating LED night light is exactly what you need because it will turn a soft light only when you are in the zone, thanks to its motion sensor feature. It is also rechargeable to save you from purchasing batteries constantly, 360° rotating to help you illuminate any area you need, and detachable to take with you anywhere during the pitch dark nights! 


The motion sensor light gives you the option to keep the light on all the time as well, which is ideal for the stairs or your patio. Keep yourself and your family safe during the night with our smart LED light! 

✓ Indoor motion light sensor that can illuminate your space perfectly. 
✓ Built-in USB rechargeable lithium battery to charge your LED night light to keep your outdoors illuminated for as long as you need it. 
✓ 3 modes to satisfy your needs: On (always on), off (always off), Auto (sensor mode). 

✓ Motion sensor mode that can detect movement for up to 5 meters. 
✓ Detachable to give you the freedom of taking your smart LED light anywhere in the night.
✓ Adjustable 360° rotation to place the rechargeable LED light in the angle you need. 
✓ Easy installation & easy to use to keep your surroundings visible in the dark.

✓ Specifications:

Name: LED Night Light

Material: ABS+PC

Voltage: 4.5V/DC5V

Wattage: 0.7W

Powered by: Lithium polymer battery 450 mAh (With USB Cable)

 Sensor angle: About 120 degree

 Sensor distance: About 3-5m

 Sensor time: About 20s

 Size: 90*90*63mm

3 Modes: AUTO (sensor mode), ON (always on), OFF (turn off)


✓  Package Includes :

1 x LED Night Light 

1 x Manual 

1 x Double-sided Tape


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360° Rotating LED Night Light