360 Rotation USB Rechargeable Lighter

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Aren’t you tired of cheap lighters that quickly run out of fuel? Unsafe to your health? And can’t light up your fireplace or stove without burning your hand? Also, think about how many lighters are thrown every day and how much plastic waste it creates. It’s about time to settle for a lighter that is safer and more convenient because lighting up a BBQ or a cigarette should be easier and safer…

Introducing the 360° Plasma Lighter! You will easily light a candle, gas stove, fireplace, and barbecue without worrying about the flame burning your hand. The Electric Lighter is 360° rotatable, flexible, and windproof to meet all of your application needs. It’s also odorless, flame-free, and with no toxic fluids to ensure your safety! 

Finally, you don’t have to harm your health, burn your hand, or hurt the environment anymore!

✓  The 360° plasma lighter can easily light up your candles, cigarettes, fireplace, gas stove, and more.

✓  Rotatable & Ultra-flexible neck to help you light up anything so quickly and easily.

✓  Eco-friendly & Safe lighter that is flame-free, odorless, and with no toxic fluids.

✓  Windproof lighter that can be used under any weather conditions.

✓  Built-in rechargeable battery that can last up to weeks after a full charge.



✓  Unique & ergonomic design with a comfortable handle for safe and comfortable use.

✓  Automatic shut off & child-proof switch to ensure the safety of your family.

✓  Ideal for traveling, camping, hiking, BBQ days, etc

✓  Specifications :

Material: Metal

Technics: Lacquer

Model Type: 360° Flexible Neck Electric Lighter

Features: Windproof, Flameless, Rechargeable, 360° Rotation

Application on: BBQ, Camp Fire, Outdoor Camping, Fishing, Hiking, etc.

Flame Type: Plasma Arc

✓  Package List :

1* Candle lighter


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360 Rotation USB Rechargeable Lighter