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Plant LED Grow Light


Plant LED Grow Light


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Plant LED Grow Light 

Are you wondering why your plants lose their green color and die? This can happen due to two reasons. It’s either you keep your plants indoors without exposing them to sunlight, or you live somewhere where the sun barely shines? As you can see, your plants need an average of 14 hours of sunlight each day to thrive


Plant LED Grow Light


How can you do this? Easy breezy! This Waterproof LED Grow Light substitutes natural sunlight and offers more targeted light solutions while consuming 50-70% less energy than standard practices!

What are you waiting for? Get one NOW and watch your plants grow faster, bigger, and healthier!


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Made of Aluminum & PVC, lightweight and durable with good heat dissipation.

Specially designed to substitute natural sunlight


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Run significantly cooler than HID bulb by stimulating photosynthesis and providing the right color spectrum where the plant can grow and flourish.

Comes with 3 lighting modes with different intensities, allowing your plants to flourish in a place where there is little or no natural light


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Can be Controlled by Remote Control

Features 3 timer modes – 4 hours, 8 hours, and 12 hours.

The light-emitting diodes have very high efficiency, low energy, and have a lifespan of over 50,000 hours


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Environment friendly and high-quality indoor grow lights that don’t contain Toxic Mercury

Emitting virtually no heat and requiring little power to operate,

Flexible Design making it possible for you to adjust it in any direction or the lighting area.


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Specifications :


Product Type: LED Grow Light

Material: Aluminum & PVC

Power: 9W 18W 27W 36W

Input Voltage: 5V Working Temperature: -20°~40°

Life Time: 50000 hours

Lighting Range: 2-3 square meters


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Package List :

1* Plant Growing Light



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Plant LED Grow Light

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