Mini Neck Fan


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Mini Neck Fan

The summer heat is creeping on us already, not letting us enjoy any activity without sweating or making us exhausted. Didn’t you always wish if you can have an AC or a fan with you at all times? One that will not increase your electricity bills?

Stay always cool with the new Mini Neck Fan! It’s specially designed to be hung on your neck without tiring you or making you uncomfortable. Adjust the Neckband Fan, pick the speed level according to your needs, and enjoy being fresh anytime anywhere! You don’t even need your hands to hold it, which allows you to do anything while being “breezed out”. 


Mini Neck Fan


With the Mini Neck Fan, you don’t have to handle the cruelty of summer anymore! 


✓  The mini neck fan will keep you cooled down anywhere while keeping your hands free.

✓  360° rotatable & flexible fan to let you adjust it according to your needs.

✓  3 different speed levels that can be adjusted to low, medium, and high with one button. 


Mini Neck Fan


✓  Hands-free & ergonomic design to keep you comfortable, making it ideal for your office, while exercising, traveling, etc.

✓  Long battery life & USB rechargeable to give up to 12 hours non-stop of operation time. 


Mini Neck Fan



✓  Specifications :

Charge Input: DC5V 1A
Power Consumption: 0.3W-1.2W
Interface Type: Micro
Charging Time: 2 Hours
Battery Model: 18650-3.7V 1200MA
Weight: 180g
Product Size: 260 x 180cm / 102″ x 70″


✓  Package List :

1* neck mini Fan
1* USB Cable


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Mini Neck Fan

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