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LED Light Fishing Alarm

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LED Light Fishing Alarm

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Have you ever lost a fish because you didn’t know it was hooked? You only know after it’s too late, which makes your fishing experience a fail every time. Don’t be disappointed just yet because you just didn’t know about our smart LED Light Fishing Alarm! 


LED Light Fishing Alarm


The LED Light Fishing Alarm is going to alert you as soon as a fish gets hooked with LED lights and loud sounds. And don’t worry, it will never be a false alarm because it is specially built to know the difference between the wind, currents, and fish movements. You can also fish at night now without missing a single fish! 

Promise your family a lot of fish for dinner because our LED Light Fishing Alarm will help you catch them all! 


LED Light Fishing Alarm


✓  The LED light fishing alarm will notify you when a fish is on the bite with bright LED lights and loud sounds.

✓  No damage to your fishing rod because it fits perfectly on your rod without hassle.

✓  Smart technology as it ignores movement from the wind and currents to not give you false alarms.

✓  The LED light is an ideal indicator to fish at night without worrying about missing a fish.


LED Light Fishing Alarm


✓  Sturdy, durable & High-quality material that can handle different weather conditions.

✓  Easy to install & use: you just clip it, wrap the fishing line around the trigger, and then relax and wait for the alarm.


LED Light Fishing Alarm


✓  Specifications :

Color: Black
Alerts: Audio and Visual
Material: Plastic
Weight: 50g (approx)


✓  Package List :

1* Fishing bite alarm (with batteries)


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LED Light Fishing Alarm

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